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SPECIAL - Besednice Moldavite - 6.63 grams - Collectible - Angel chime (MAK07)

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Raw Besednice Ježkovna Moldavite 6.63 grams - extremely rare.
This Moldavite is Collectible quality - Outstanding piece of Moldavite and really rare size and length (Everything which is more then 6 cm is super rare. And it's also angel chimes. Simply best of the best. 

Weight: 6.63 grams
Dimension: 60 mm x 25 mm x 7 mm

Why is it called Besednice?
Besednice is a small village in southern Czech Republic where moldavites has been mined. So the name of it is because of the village.
Why does it have a deep texture?
It’s because of the sand and wet surroundings there. But only moldavites from this location has so beautiful big sculpture structure.
Are there still more moldavites in Besednice?
No, the location has been completely mined out. There are no more Besednice. 
How big Besednice moldavites are?
Average size of Besednice is around 2g. So pieces bigger than 2 grams are really rare and pieces larger than 10 grams are used as an investment pieces.
Why is it so expensive?
It’s because of the structure, shape, and because there are no more of it. Nobody wants to sell it because the price is still going up. And of course because there are only limited quantity on the world of it. And the most quantity own the museum and private collectors.

What is an Angel Chime moldavite?
Moldavites are called Angel Chime because of the sound what they produce when you drop it to another moldavite or another hard pad. The sound is like gentle tinkleing.
What moldavite can be Angel Chime?
Every moldavite can be Angel Chime. It depends only if the moldavite makes the sound when you drop it.
Does the moldavite have to be shape of Angel Chime?
No, shape doesn’t matter at all. The sound makes it Angel Chime. 
How many of Angel Chimes are in moldavites?
Only 1% of all moldavites are Angel Chimes. So Angel chimes are really rare. 
Why are they more expensive than the other moldavites?
It’s because of their rareness.




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