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What is an Angel Chime moldavite?

Moldavites are called Angel Chime because of the sound what they produce when you drop it to another moldavite or another hard pad. The sound is like gentle tinkleing. Check our videos with sound on our instagram, our youtube or our website.

What moldavite can be Angel Chime?
Every moldavite can be Angel Chime. It depends only if the moldavite makes the sound when you drop it.

Does the moldavite have to be shape of Angel Chime?
No, shape doesn’t matter at all. The sound makes it Angel Chime.

How many of Angel Chimes are on the world?
Only 1% of all moldavites are Angel Chimes. So Angel chimes are really rare.

Why are they more expensive than the other moldavites?
It’s because of their rareness.

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