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My name is Marianne. I was born in California, though I grow up in the Czech Republic, because my family come from there. When my father was 18 he emigrated to the USA and he has started to live his American dream. He has already provided green stones Moldavites from the Czech Republic to the USA for 35 years. Few years ago my brother Thaddeus helped him and then I has taken charge of the business since 2017. I am glad that I am back in my home in the USA and I can show this nice place to my husband. I love my work, because of you now. I try to make people happy by giving them this nice spacemans.

Moldavite is the product of meteor collision with Earth nearly 15 million years ago. It fell over what is now called Moldau River Valley in Czech Republic. This green Gems are among the most rare minerals on earth. They have been prized by humans for thousands of years and are will given as gifts from royalty to royalty. In legend, it is believed Moldavite was the green stone in the Holy Grail and has the power to quickest one's spiritual evolution.

Even people not sensitive to the energies of stones, often feel the energy of Moldavites. Many sense is as heat, tingling or pulsing sensation in their hand. Other feel a rush of energy through their body, usually upwards out the top of their head. Moldavite's heigh vibrational energy is a powerful chakra opener, particularly at the heart and above. Sleeping with Moldavite activates the Dreams Sense. Wearing it helps manifest positive life charge.

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