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Anniversary Sale!

Anniversary Sale!

Oct 11th 2023

We want to say thank you to you all.

My father established this business in 1987. Since that time a lot has changed with moldavite. When he started nobody knew what moldavite is and his journey was to inform people about it and make it known for its beauty, very interesting story and properties.

We overtook the business in 2017 and we have opened our Moldavite Family e-shop in October 2017. It was a great journey since than. We love what we do and we couldn't do it without your trust in our small business. Thank you for that!

Coupon code! 

Here is our anniversary 20% OFF coupon code: MFANNIV

Free Gift!

Free Gemstone Ghost with order over $20.

Please Note! - we have limited quantity of gemstone ghosts. This promotion is based on first come first serve basics. If the moldavite is added to your shopping cart automatically you will receive it. Thank you for understanding.