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Crystal Water Bottle VitaJuwel inu! - Full Of Moldavite Energy (MLAH1901)

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Have you ever tried water charged by energy from moldavite? It's absolutely awesome. you can feel the energy inside yourself and it helps to concentrate yourself in whatever you want to do.

inu! is safe. Moldavites are in a glass chamber that's fully separated from the water. The 2-chamber system prevents your water from contamination.

inu! works. It's all about infusing your water with the moldavites and other crystals' good vibes.

We're offering many different volume of moldavite inside the bottle. Each bottle comes with clear quartz crystal also.

16.7 fl.oz. / 500 ml

Designed in the German Alps.

Have you chosen your own piece of moldavite on our website which you want to use for charging moldavite bottle? Not a problem. You can buy Water bottle with no moldavite and choose your own. Just simply add both items into shopping basket.

Moldavite size is 1-3 g piece. 

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